May preview

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It’s time to present what will be available to you in May. This month is a real treat for fans of cyberpsychos, cyberpunks and representatives of all kinds of street gangs. The new characters came from the VooDoo Posse and Metal Slammers gangs. Pepe Gede hacker and priest of the VooDoo Posse gang is a true master of soul conjuring and programming. Together with faithful members of their family, they rule the misery in Sleepless City. Cutter and Supernova are virtuosos in hand-to-hand combat. One of them likes simple solutions, while the other is more sophisticated in choosing a fighting style …

Shape Mod3 combat drones are a cheap and alternative means of solving corporate problems by force. They are sent wherever the loss of more technologically advanced cyborg soldiers will be an unnecessary cost. However, in a duet with augmented human operators, they make up killer teams.

Barley is a neighbor from across the street. No one knows what he’s hiding in the bag : )

Files to download in a few days along with the maps and a several additional surprises. Stay tuned.

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For all of you who are waiting for your Loyalty Reward for supporting us for at least three months can expect an email about the fact that reward is available. It comes as a pre-supported and without supports versions. We warn you right away that the Protector is amazing and huge.

What’s more, the Loyalty Reward for supporting us for the  6 consecutive months will also be released in May.

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