Rüstknecht: Tactical Wargaming and Roleplay

Welcome to Rüstknecht, a post-modern tactical skirmish wargame.  Join the battle for Rocabarr Island as pilot of a Knecht- advanced and versatile walking tanks.

Rüstknecht features:

  • 2d6 Combat and Action resolution mechanics;
  • Land and air combat from infantry, to armored vehicles, to tanks, to helicopters, to titular Knechts;
  • Customizable pilot and Knecht mech creation, from frame to armaments;
  • Terrain, Vehicle and Knecht battle damage, and point-based deployment mechanics/systems;
  • Play intended for either competitive player v. player or Game Master v. player role-play;
  • Multi-skirmish Campaign rules;
  • Game text released entirely under the Open Gaming License (OGL).  The game may be expanded upon, modified, hacked, and otherwise reused and republished in almost any manner desired, so long as the terms of the Open Gaming License are adhered to.

The entirety of the game file, except the Character/Knecht Sheet, is available in the preview.  If you are unable or unwilling to purchase the game for any reason, please use the preview with our blessing.

This product is priced at $4.95


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