Somnus Domina: Hanyou (5e Race)

The Hanyou are half-breeds born from yokai, fiends who originate from the shadowfell and feed upon the negative karma of mortal beings. Hanyou live cursed lives, inheriting aspects of their parents. Some may be born fortunate and retain the beauty and grace of their parents, and others may be deformed and grotesque. The life of a Hanyou is one between worlds, never knowing one’s place.

The Hanyou is modular race that has customizable positive and negative traits, based on their varied lineage. 

(The Hanyou was made for the Nat19: Vestige of Ophiuchus D&d 5E stream on Twitch, streamed every Saturday at 1 PM PST on the Nat19Official channel. Come join us if you’d like to see it in action!)

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