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Tomes of Ravenloft

Vampire bites are not the most common bites but are among the most concerning ones. After you notice two puncture marks on your neck, which most often occurs in the morning, you must immediately apply leeches to suck out the vampire spit. Vampirism is transmitted by the vampire’s saliva. The more you can get rid of, the better.

— from “Barovian Home Remedies” by Sorine Hagi


Gone are the days of disappointed faces when you mention a book in passing and only shrug your shoulders when the players ask what’s written in it! Tomes of Ravenloft is a collection of 23 player handouts intended to enrich a Curse of Strahd campaign.

You can find twelve tomes, letters, and proclamations mentioned in the campaign: The Blade of Truth, Castle Building 101, The Devil We Know, Embalming: The Lost Art, Goats of the Balinok Mountains, The Grimoire of the Four Quarters, Hymns to the Dawn, Life Among the Undead, The Oath Celestial, Rictavio’s Journal, Von Holtz’s Letter to Lovina, and Wolf’s Head Jamboree.

As well as eleven completely new creations: The Abbot’s Letter to Vasili, The Anti God, Baking (for) Children, Balinok Mountains Survey Report, Barovian Home Remedies, Killing the Devil, Legends From the Svalich Woods, Rituals for Mother Night, Van Richten’s Guide to Lycanthropy and Vampirism, and Travel Guide: Balinokova


This supplement is presented to you by author Christian Eichhorn and editor John Parker. You can contact me via mail ( or via Twitter (@squirrelgolem).

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