Dystopian City Media Office 4k – Cyberpunk Animated Battle Map

“Alright crew, the job today is to bust into NC Media’s broadcasting office, neutralise their guards and hijack the station so we can toss out some anti-corpo propaganda our client has issued us. Won’t be easy but you stick your mugs in front of that camera and we’ll be damn legends!”

Dystopian City Media Office UHD 4k – 3840×2160 Resolution

  • 6x Animated Gridded and Gridless Map in 4k MP4 format. Red, Blue and Green versions included.
  • 6x Static Gridded and Gridless Map in 4kJPG format.
  • Angled Scene Shot for theatre-of-the-mind or VTT Landing Page.
  • 3x Animated Gridless Map in WebM format at 1920×1080 resolution for VTT use.


This product is priced at $9.99


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