It Started with a Chicken (Splinters of Faith 1) (5e)

It Started with a Chicken (Splinters of Faith #1)

First in the Splinters of Faith series of adventures, It Started with a Chicken introduces the player characters to a nefarious and ancient evil. This power plots to reassert itself ages after it was cut off from the world. The beginnings of the resurgence of evil seem minor …chickens have gone missing in the village of Lessef, and villagers believe the culprit to be a fox. They offer a reward for the fox, dead or alive. But what the adventurers find instead threatens their very lives and the world as they know it!

It Started with a Chicken is the preview of the new and updated edition of the Splinters of Faith series. The new version of the series will include new locations and trials for players and includes a Fifth Edition conversion. Check it out!

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