Light-Guardians, Grey-Knights, and Dark-Force Monks. 3 Monk subclasses of Force Users for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Light, Grey, and Dark. Followers of these monastic traditions believe that Ki is a living energy they refer to as The Ki-Force or simply, The Force. Three monastic traditions and orders have formed around this practice, aach using The Force in different ways.

The three traditions take on three different approaches to how a Monk interacts with the Force. When a Monk commits to the code of their order, they are employing the training, techniques and morals taught to them by many masters who have come before them.

These 3 monk subclasses allow your characters to make their own versions of force-wielding monks. They tie in a characters’s alignment and choices to follow the code of their order, in a way similar way to a Paladin’s Oath. As their character progresses they can choose to deviate from the teachings of their order to adopt skills and abilities which befits the character as they grow. A Light-Guardian Monk can be seduced to the Dark power of the Force, and vice versa. 

Also Includes 3 new feats, to improve your force-wielding characters even further!

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