State of the Dragon #140

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PATREON: New month is rolling around, so we’ve got our Patron live chat this Saturday (May 8th) at 12pm EST if all holds. Beyond that, normal rewards are available currently as per the described reward tiers. Looking at possible tweaks in the future, but I’ll let you know when and if those become available.

STREAMING: Streams last week were about par for the course, and I expect the same moving forward. We got channel point redeems working, so feel free to come on in and mess around with those while we’re live. Darkest Dungeon playthrough will likely continue for now, as will our weekly writing streams, but I’m looking to maybe expand the catalog a bit. On that note, I talked about some possible changes to streaming in my last stream. Currently, the plan is to remove the hard requirement that Friday be TTRPG material, and open that up to be a day for anything, and to also allow for the possibility of streaming TTRPG content on any day. At the moment, it’s not especially sustainable to do a TTRPG stream every week, because when I do that, I want to use it as a chance to review something and/or showcase it, which means time reading a new system basically each week, and doing any other necessary prep to run it. For one person, that’s a lot of time to sink into things. I could maybe do a long-form solo TTRPG to cut down on the need to read/learn/prep a new game each week, but I don’t know how engaging that would be for people, and if I’m going to do a recurring run of the same TTRPG, I’d rather put together a proper group and do something that way. So maybe that’s in the works? It’s a definite thought, but the wheels aren’t in motion yet. Overall, I’m going to open things up here and experiment with it a bit. Hopefully you all will like how things shape up.

PISTOLS AT DAWN: We wrote this a couple weeks back, and honestly it kind of blew me away when I reflected on it. I’m not saying it’s some hidden bit of genius, but out of all the games I’ve made on stream, this one was the quickest to be done, and the draft was probably the closest to a finished state. So, I went ahead and started the process of cleaning it up and getting a publish-ready version. As I’m writing this, it’s almost done, and it will definitely be coming out later this week, possibly even the same day as this post goes up!

TIDEBREAKER: I don’t know if it’s my place yet to say what exactly is going on here, but things are moving along and I can’t wait to get deeper into it. Good things right now, more to come.

DISCORD: You know where to find me. It’s a cool place, so come hang out!

BLOG: Small update here, but I’m starting to toy with some ideas for articles, and I think I might have something in the works soon. This week is looking like it’ll be pretty busy, so I can’t promise I’ll get to it, but I think I reasonably should be able to, all else being equal. I’m excited!

OTHER PROJECTS: Okay, so I’m still in the weeds with commissions. Nothing I can’t handle, but we’re grinding away. Already burned through one this past week, so We’re pushing on through. There’s also the possibility that I’ll work to get more short games and/or adventures published. Prepping Pistols at Dawn for publish was surprisingly easy, and it’s low-key got me motivated to work on more, and I’ve also got another idea for a draft burning a hole in my mind. I’ll try to stay focused though.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: Recovered from being sick, and then a couple days later I scheduled myself to get my first COVID vaccine. That left me with some soreness and tiredness, so I lost a wee bit of productivity to that, but overall I feel like this past week was pretty good. Other than that, there’s not really much to say at the moment I think. I’m trying to take things one day at a time right now.

So, let’s wrap up there for now. I wish you all well with the week ahead, and I’ll be doing my best on my end.


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