The Village of Dargan

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Two months ago a group of children disappeared and were found six days later, alive, but nothing else. They were like empty husks. A couple of days ago four other children disappeared and their parents fear for the worst.

A day before the disappearance Mister Talden, the previous town butcher was found dead in his cabin, with strange wounds to his head. No one could figure out what caused the wounds. The old man has since been buried in the graveyard. 

Another couple days earlier the people of Dargan saw a mysterious man in town. He was old and dressed in a cloak concealing most of his face. All that people were able to make out was a long grey beard and a set of bright green eyes. 

Now a group of adventurers has come to town to help with the problem, but the people of Dargan have always dealt with their own problems. Why should they need any help now?

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