Wolf Hounds

Wolf Hounds is a historical fantasy roleplaying game about the Benandanti, a society of werewolves dedicated to protecting their communities from supernatural threats. Uses a lightweight Apocalypse system based on John Harper’s World of Dungeons: Turbo. You will need a game master, some players, writing materials, and a few six-sided dice.

  • Create characters including shapeshifting Hounds, mystical Seers, and intrepid humans.
  • Uncover supernatural mysteries, and hunt those that would prey upon the innocent.
  • A streamlined Apocalypse system emphasizes fast dice rolls, teamwork, and player agency.
  • Details for players and GMs on the Benandanti, their world, and their adversaries.
  • Contains an introductory adventure set in medieval Lithuania.
  • Easier to learn than that other werewolf RPG!

Hunt down mysteries. Make monsters your prey.

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