108 More Titles & Epithets for Gods

This is exactly what it says on the tin: a list of 108 titles and epithets that would be perfect for the gods and goddesses in your next campaign. These entries are taken from a variety of mythologies, including Egyptian, Norse, Roman, and Sumerian. 

There are 4 entries each for: 

  1. Eloquence & Language (e.g. The Riddler)
  2. Oceans, Lakes, & Other Water (e.g. Foam of the Sea)
  3. Partying & Happiness (e.g. The Blind Guest)
  4. Trade & Wealth (e.g. Giver of Wealth)

There are 8 entries each for: 

  1. Attentiveness to Worshipers (e.g. The Accessible)
  2. Creator & Maintainer of the Universe (e.g. The Self-Begotten)
  3. Destruction (e.g. The Lion with a Dreadful Growl)
  4. Goodness & Purity (e.g. Averter of Ills)
  5. Traits, Personality (e.g. The Agreeable)
  6. Traits, Physical (e.g. The Pale) 
  7. Wilderness & Wild Things (e.g. the Loud Rider)

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