Class: The Botanist

A withered gnome with grass-stained fingers carefully extracts the seeds from a rare specimen.  With care, the plants grown from these seeds will provide medicine for his home village.

An elf woman dusts off an ancient stone. A perfect fossil of some ancient leaf awaits. With the right magic, she can revive this long-dead plant and study its life cycles and properties.

An orcish shaman dons his armor, carved from the heartwood of an ancient oak. His staff is a raw branch from the same tree, and he carries its acorns along with him.

The botanist is part explorer, part scholar, and part healer. With their specially-bred plants they can control battlefields or produce powerful medicine.

The Botanist is a full base class with three complete subclasses. The class focuses on using summoned plant minions to attack and control the battlefield. Play the botanist if you want to have a nature-friendly researcher, or enjoy a high level of choice without spellcasting.

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