DC-PoA-PJE-01 Ragdoll Nightmare

From the playtesters: “I had a blast.  This adventure has a great balance of role-play, exploration and combat!”

Return to seeing the world through a child’s eyes, when fear was real.  Little Miss Paren and her father, Dolmark, have been having nightmares.  Ever since the kobold ragdoll was given to her five days ago, nightmares and strange happenings around the house have them spooked.  What’s worse, getting rid of the doll seemed to do nothing.  The nightmares just spread!  Their last hope is to return the doll from whence it came, and hope that whatever wants it leaves them alone. 

Included with this product:

-Full Color Adventure PDF with DM map

-Printer Friendly PDF with DM map 

-VTT Player Map

This is a Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters which is Adventuer’s League legal. DC-PoA Seed: I’d Like to Make a Return, Please.

This product is priced at $4.95


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