Godwyn’s Law – Basic Fantasy Version

A thousand years ago, the lands of Forweald were the domain of Godwyn, chief of the Eo clan and a warrior of unshakeable will. He was a ring-giver, forward in battle himself and generous to those who showed bravery in the shield-wall.

When Godwyn and his faithful huscarls fell to dark beasts summoned by sorcery, his son commissioned a great stone cairn, a tomb worthy of such a hero and his loyal retainers. For many long winters Godwyn slept. Grass covered his cairn, his line failed, and folk lost the memory of the cairn and who lay within. The great king was forgotten, save for the place called Godwyn’s Hill where his tomb remains.

A few days ago, Godwyn’s bones were disturbed by adventurers who despoiled his tomb. The chieftain rose in wrath, and his huscarls with him. They slew one of the thieves, and her fellows fled in terror. Since then Godwyn has brooded in his cairn, sending his huscarls forth at night to seek out the thieves and recover what they stole. The huscarls in their fury have begun attacking peasant huts in and around Forweald.

Adventure Summary

On their way to the village of Forweald, the heroes are attacked by a group of unusual skeletons. In Forweald, the villagers beg them to rid the area of the undead menace.

At Godwyn’s Hill, the heroes meet an eternal wight named Godwyn who explains that he and his huscarls—the unusual skeletons—will not rest until the items stolen from his tomb are returned. The heroes must either find the thieves, the items, or both and bring them back to the Hill.

When the heroes track the thieves to their hideout, they encounter adventurers much like themselves.
The heroes must eventually return to Godwyn to face his justice in order to succeed in their mission—but Godwyn’s idea of justice is much more brutal than that of today’s society, which may not sit well with principled heroes…

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