Do your players know the monster manual by heart?

Of course, they tell you that they only flipped through a few pages, just to admire the illustrations. But in reality you know that they have mentally photographed all the stats of the monsters!
Good for you! That means they are captivated by the game!

But on the other hand, the encounters turn into nothing more than probability calculations.

MONSTER TRICK GENERATOR (to lure your players) proposes to rediscover the excitement of an encounter with an unknown threat. Based on the premise that the Monster Manual is only an “inspiration”, this book offers a twist on monsters.

So, your goblins can become dangerous fire breathers, or your bugbears can become totally immune to magic!

MONSTER TRICK GENERATOR (to lure your players) contains 3 tables
The feat table shows the upgrades you can give to your creature.
The species table qualifier allows you to get a name for your monster variety
The weaknesses table allows you to give a weak point to exploit

A Goblin could become a Ruby-throated Goblin, a fire-breather but very sensitive to Loud sounds

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This product is priced at $1.30


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