The Mad Alchemist

Unravel the mystery behind a deadly disease in the first chapter of Valleria: The Mad Alchemist!

Oakheart, a once vital trading post, has been struck by a mysterious disease. Over the past month, Lord Ulric Von Vymarc, townmaster of Oakheart, has set out his men to look for the source of the disease and a cure to put a stop to the disaster. Yet they’ve failed to find any clue to what this might be.

As the weeks passed, more people got infected to the point where most of the shops had to close. The town’s guard is undermanned as they’re falling ill themselves.Ships are starting to avoid the town, as rumors about a disease are starting to spread. More importantly, The Feast Of The Stars is approaching.

This would be a major source of income for the people, as many from all over the land come here to pay their respects to the gods, feast and spend many of their valuables. 

The town is already accommodating the first of many visitors to come. Yet most of them leave once they find out about Oakheart’s situation.

Lord Ulric has sent out letters to renowned adventurers across Valleria to assist in this serious matter.

The Mad Alchemist is the first major release of Valleria Studio, a content creator for 5th edition. Valleria Studio releases new adventures every month along with cool new monsters, maps, treasures and more. The Mad Alchemist is the first chapter in Valleria’s mega-campaign.

The Mad Alchemist contains:

  • An adventure that takes the player characters to unseen locations within the world of Valleria
  • New monsters and magic items
  • 6 Beautifully designed maps for your encounters
  • Two map versions: one for the DM, one for the players.