Vehicle Construction Kit: Wondrous Vehicles II

This is a supplement for the Vehicle Construction Kit, adding new magical and extraordinary options for your Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition vehicles.

New Components!

  • Astral Engine – Move your vehicle through the Astral Plane with the psionic energy of mind flayer brains.
  • Aeolipile – For when steam engines are too futuristic.
  • Guidelines for incorporating dungeons into your design.
  • New options for the Spell Apparatus introduced in Wondrous Vehicles I.
  • Tinkerer’s Contraption – in an homage to the tinker gnome inventions in AD&D Dragonlance Adventures, create precarious and overly complicated machines that fling themselves through the air or caramelize objects.
  • Tinkerer’s Powertrains – clockpunk variants of vehicle powertrains.

Magic Stuff

  • 32 new magic augmentations. Pack more into your vehicle using negative mass, or flit through the Shadowfell with a shadow form, or have a friendly chat with a tree in the Garden of Understanding.
  • 16 magic rooms for your quarters component. Lock up prisoners in an inescapable cell, relax in a saloon of comfort, or plan your defense in the tactical chamber.
  • 9 magic stations for your helm component, including the Wheel of Obad-Hai.
  • 19 magic items, including specialist siege engine ammunition.
  • 9 spells useful for a shipmage.

Examples, inspired by classic 3rd edition vehicles and by the gnomish inventions in Dragonlance Adventures.

  • Magic Cottage
  • Dwarven Tunneler
  • Forest Crawler
  • Kanto’s Lament
  • Nautilus
  • Shadow Carriage
  • Voidjammer
  • Xakhun Windship
  • Flying Windmill
  • Gnomeflinger
  • Flying Tapestry Tower
  • Irongnome

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