A Doven Investigation

‘A Doven Investigation’ is an adventure for 5e to take characters from level 1 to 3.

Within the city of Doven a series of bizarre accidents have worried city authorities. They suspect the origin of these accidents come from a necromancer and so seek out a group of adventurers to hire. Their job is to find out what is causing these accidents and put a stop to it.

This job though won’t be as easy as it seems. The party will have to make sure to not accuse innocent people, work what the city authorities aren’t telling them about these accidents and finally uncover the more infernal origin of what endangers Doven.

This adventure serves as a sandbox mystery adventure presenting the party a variety of ways to uncover what truly is happening in Doven. It is a good way for a parties characters to meet up and explore the city of Doven together as they work out more and more about the city.

If you want more monsters consider looking at ‘Monsters of the Deep’ a 5e expansion that adds more than 15 new sea monsters. It can be found here; Monsters of the Deep – Eoin J. Barry | DriveThruRPG.com

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