Into the Underdark – Part 3 They Call It A Mine

Chase a choldrith trying to incite a war!

Detour through an abandoned dwarven mine when your path is blocked by a cave in!

Fight through dangerous beasts to get back on the choldrith’s tail.

In this 6-8 hour adventure for 4-5 characters of 3rd level, explore an old dwarven mine and fight through a hive of dangerous beasts to get back on the trail of the choldrith your group has been pursing.


  • A 6-8 hour adventure for 3rd level characters
  • 2 DM maps
  • Copies of the maps suitable for use in your favorite virtual tabletop
  • Stat blocks for all monsters the players might encounter.
  • 4 new undead versions of NPCs
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This product is priced at $3.99


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