Realm of prime


Prime is a gritty, realistic realm based on societies that are business-oriented. Dark and twisted plots fuel the adventures. Playing adventures and downtime between them stressed equally. In the world of prime, some magical items are common everyday items, while others are unique. Everything comes for a price if you have enough gold.
Prime is a medieval renaissance style world. An increasing number of magic mechanized constructs created every day. Everything from the teletalk machine to the water propelled trains to remote-controlled mechanized golems. 
The inhabitants of prime are generally human by the races. Dwarf’s and elves and halfling’s and gnomes are very rare. Their communities tend to be very small and rarely deal in human affairs. 
Prime is mainly a world of trade and business. It ranges from the homeless to the ultra-rich. Sometimes significant cities and far and few between in the distance. Most will ride the water propelled trains through vast stretches of wilderness. Sometimes for a few days. Human wizards able to construct these magical devices and some of the wealthiest merchants and usual leaders within city-states.
Governments across all of the world of prime are generally democratic. There is no single leader in the world. Squabbles between city-states are unheard of unless it has to do with money, and usually, they are minimal, and nobody sticks their noses into other’s affairs.