Denizens of the Deep

Two rats, one dressed in a hood wielding a dagger and the other holding a cave fishTwo rabbits, one in a green uniform and helmet, and a tiny rabbit wearing a backpackA bat in a tribal head dress, playing a druma fennec fox wearing Saharan clothing, sunglasses and playing a lute

5e Player Races – Play as a rat, rabbit, bat or fox!

FOUR player races, TEN sub-races

FOUR character backgrounds, themed to the Underdark and Underwarren

Includes 19 double-sided printable character miniatures!

The earth is what binds the worlds of the Surface and the Underdark. Between these worlds lies the Underwarren, where the strange magic of the Underdark meets the powerful forces of nature from the Surface. In the Underwarren you will meet all kinds of incredible and tenacious people from all walks of life. Most have never seen the sky, being born and raised in the comfort of darkness. Some have moved underground, drawn in by the treasures below, but others have also been forced to retreat to the Underwarren by terrible circumstance. Like the earth that binds, every single person’s story weaves and winds together to form the strange and complex tapestry that is the Underwarren.

This 26 page book is richly illustrated in full-colour, complete with four underground player races, ten subraces, lore, four unique character backgrounds, 19 double-sided full colour printable character miniatures and illustrated instructions for assembly! 

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Player races, illustrations, book design and printable miniatures by Ka Man and character backgrounds by Aaditya Singh, two humans currently residing on the surface world.

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