La Recette

A short 2-3 hour scenario for 1-3 players, set during the 1920s. 

This weekend isn’t going to plan… As the Investigators drive down to Louisiana with a body festering in the trunk. A man, Zavar Magsi, turned up dead before they could speak with him. Magsi holds key information that could lead to an answer they desperately need, and now he won’t be talking at all! At the end of their wits, the Investigators have found a contact, someone in New Orleans, who could possibly help; A Voodoo Queen, Lady Delassixe. She says she can raise the dead and let you converse with him once again. She will require payment, and for the Investigators to pick up a few items that she’ll need to perform the ritual.

Gathering these grim ingredients, the Investigators will have to deal with the locals, police, and nature to successfully pull off the ritual, and glean the knowledge they seek. 

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