May: The Rawmen of Haarkanjaka + Welcome Pack

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Here is the May release `The Rawmen of Haarkanjaka´


23 PRE SUPPORTED miniatures  that comes in both 32mm war gaming scale and 75mm collectors scale. 13 Beastmen files and 10 miniatures from the Welcome pack.

**NEW FOR THIS RELEASE** all the beastmen have modular weapons that can be shared among this release for a big variety of looks!

Including custom bases, pre-supported chitubox files, STL’s obj and renders  The files will be added through your MyMiniFactory account once a subscriber.


With bodily apparitions reminiscent of wild animals, these powerful  killers walk upright on their hind legs. They are, naturally,  abominations. Perversions, in opposition to all that is sound and  wholesome. Spawned by chaos, strengthened through human and elven  sacrifice and lured into military service by the shadowy lords of the  far north. These creatures never let go once their talons and fangs have  merged with the throbbing, living flesh of their adversaries.

The Rawmen of Haarkanjaka







Ookje from Hell

Gnieken the Skinner

Houndhogs of the Sheltering Fire

The Hunter’s Mouth – spawn gate of Haarkanjaka

Welcome Pack

Myneer Augolf da Tredzle-Mounted on Grackus – Da Tredzle goblin clan

Roop da Tredzle- Da Tredzle goblin clan

Kigan Krust – The Dwarfs of The Dark Deep

Imar Hakka – The Dwarfs of The Dark Deep

Lokomotiv Zwingli – Mercenaries of The Void

Zweitung Blutnagel – Mercenaries of The Void

Bozonar the Subcertain – The Chaos Barbarians of Q

Preontz the Foreshadower – The Chaos Barbarians of Q

Chlodvig du Marteau Lourd – The Paladins of the Silver Lion

Grand Prêtre Ferdinand du Lion d’Argent – The Paladins of the Silver Lion

I Hope you like them! 🙂  

/Sven Daybreak Miniatures


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