Space Aces: Accelerated

Space Aces: Accelerated is an accelerated system for generating characters and playing the classic beloved game of Space Aces: TNG (The New Guidebook).

(Reportedly) Easier

The all new, super fancy, extra shiny Accelerated version replaces the exhaustive 4 half pages of rules and guidelines in Space Aces: TNG with a mere single half page. It removes Stats from the game, so you don’t have to use your calculator, call your mom, or count on your toes anymore when adding +1 to a D20 roll. No more having to find a pen in this “pen & paper game” to mark Grit or Ailments… in fact, the whole shebang can now be summed up as “whatever the Space Master says” (so be sure you bring treats to bribe them).

(Objectively) Faster

No more blank page paralysis. In just 3 throws of your dice you can have a character with a Space Profession, Knack, and Drive and be ready-to-go for (mis)adventures. And don’t worry if they don’t make it… you can just roll up a new one in a flash. In fact, more than 215,999 initial character combinations are possible!

(Allegedly) More Fun

This Accelerated version includes an all new Episode Guide worksheet for drawing up your rip-roaring missions, as well as business card sized character sheets. Stay tuned… more mission ideas and generators will be coming soon!

All for the low low price of Pay What You Want!

But Wait There’s More!

This is just the bare bones of a game. If you like what you see here, be sure to check out the full game of Space Aces: TNG for oodles of tools & content to craft Space Adventures, delve Space Dungeons, tame Space Pets, fight Space Monsters, battle Space Ships, build Space Mechs, explore Space… Space, and much much more!!

This product is priced at $3.99


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