Weaver’s of magic and martial might alike, the Spellweaver’s are warrior-mages who study ancient symbols and use enchanted ink to blend their magical and weapons to deadly results. These warriors are rare and thier origins a mystery.¬†

The Spellweaver is an Arcane Half-caster gish class loosely based off the Magus of pathfinder and Duskblade of 3.5. This class uses the ability spellstrike to channel both a magical attack as well as a weapon attack in one action. It was a long time to balance it around 5e’s action economy. There are currently 7 sub classses.

Warweaver: heavily armored and hit hard with arcane might

Spellshot: ranged attacks and spells 

Magister: deeper into magic and a specialist at antimagic

Witchblade: A darker spellweaver that curses their enemies with their own blood

Beast Stryker: Summon a beastial spirit to to spellstrike with you.

Elemental Envoy: specialize in an element and allow it to change your body

Shieldseal: wield and shield and protect allies in the from lines.

The cover image is a digital recreation of the first drawing I made when I was very young and came upon the “Gish” in fantasy.

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