The Secret of Silcestre


The tiny village of Silcestre (Sil-chester) stands on part of the old Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum that was important in its time, nearly 500 years before. Unlike other villages built on old Roman towns, Silcestre is of newer construction. The villagers hide in their houses when nightfall comes, but not even that is always enough to protect them. Silcestre has always been plagued by certain terrible secrets and now various forces seek them out for their own gain. Who are these people and what exactly do they want? Can the investigators learn The Secret of Silcestre before others?

The Secret of Silcestre is a Cthulhu Dark Ages scenario set in England in the year 1002 A.D. The investigators are travelers on the road from London to Winchester, stopping in Silcestre overnight, when they learn of strange things happening in the village.

The Secret of Silcestre was originally written as a campaign scenario but by abridging certain sections, it might also be used for convention play.

The Secret of Silcestre includes:

– A 22-page fully-illustrated scenario set in central England in the year 1002 A.D. with various factions that seek something in the village, as well as information and clues on the location of the lost villa and what the investigators must do to find it.

– Information on the village of Silcestre, history of the area and the secret history of Calleva Atrebatum, and what the Romans brought to Britannica nearly a thousand years before the events of the scenario.

– Seven fleshed-out Non-Player Characters as well as stats for typical villagers, horses, a demon, and the horrors that continually threaten the village with the fall of night.

– Maps of the village of Silcestre, as well as the Reeve’s House and what is hidden in the village. These include blank maps for the players.

– Information from the Praesidia Finium, a Roman mythos tome that might have led the investigators to the village.

– NPC and investigator portraits to share with the players.

– Four Pregenerated Dark Ages investigators.

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