Adventures in Ravenloft

Welcome to Ravenloft! This book contains 5 adventures taking place in different demi-planes of Ravenloft and ranging from levels 3-11. 

  • Whispers in the Wood: Magic and manipulation comes to a head in the fanciful and terrible Dementlieu
  • The Hulking Corpse: War against the undead hordes in the savage ruins of Falkovnia
  • Dr. Schöller’s Wife: Face a mad genius in the snowswept landscape of Lamordia
  • The Arena: Face a sadistic arena master in the frenzied jungle of Valachan
  • The Thing in the Pool: Investigate a supernatural murder in the grim lands of Barovia

Two undead beings, one cloaked bearing a red sword and one armored with green mystical energy.

Face these 5 horrifying quests if you wish, but brave adventurer! I bid you beware! For many who enter the mists never return…

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