SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Weird & Cosmic Horror Ref

This 75-page issue is a Weird & Cosmic Horror Reference (Ref). It has new material built around several questions.

This has a tool to help generate random adventure story scene synopsis based on interpreted results.

Example of using the Grammar Fuel tool to generate story ideas or dialogue.

  • Noun. Roll 883 = temperature
  • Verb. Roll 290 = eventful
  • Adjective. Roll 710 = provoking
  • Adverb. Roll 430 = immortally

The area’s temperature dropped to a frigid breath-freezing degree as the ominous gigantic shadow drifted immortally among the village causing provoking screams of terror throughout the inhabitance. The screams followed by people jumping from the rooftops of tall buildings, a chaotic trampling exodus, and mass hysteria—a haunting eventful night.

In this Issue

This PDF is illustrated with some images.

This PDF has the following sections and/or tables.

  • Is Weird Fiction, Lovecraftian Horror, and Cosmic Horror genres?
  • What are the definitions of related terms?
  • Brief History of Weird Fiction, Lovecraftian Horror, and Cosmic Horror – Highlights from the Past (novels, movies, video games)
  • Grammar Fuel: Lovecraftian Horror Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs. This includes 500 nouns, 333 verbs, 500 adjectives, and 250 adverbs.
  • Top Cosmic Horror Novels (57 core books, 57 ranked books, out of 821 listed books)
  • Top Cosmic Horror Movies (59 core movies, 105 ranked movies, out of 105 listed movies)
  • Top Cosmic Horror TV shows (9 core TV shows, 9 ranked TV shows, out of 9 listed TV shows)
  • Top Cosmic Horror Video Games (21 core video games, 71 ranked video games, 71 listed video games)

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