Theros: Encounters in Setessa

Encounters in Setessa

Setessa is the favored polis of Karametra, and its buildings blend so perfectly into the forest that it’s difficult to tell the difference between inside and outside. The populace lives in harmony with the thick forests, terraced farms, and trained animals of Setessa, and they celebrate the cycle of seasons with grand holidays.

This supplement provides 30 encounters set in the polis of Setessa. The encounters feature a variety of content including social interactions and combat, and each of them are easily scaled to any tier. The encounters are keyed to a table of the primary locations within the polis, providing interactions for your players that fit not only within the polis but in the specific area of Setessa they are visiting. 

There is a fantastic variety of encounters here, including a mix of social and combat, hooks, seeds and inspiration that can be extrapolated into whole quests and sidequests, act as follow ups to encounters or simply add flavour, as well as a number of events and vignettes that give the players a grounding in the lore and setting, something all games benefit from but especially in the mystical forests of mythological Theros.” -Sebrina Calkins

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