Vintage Gothic: Teaser of Terror

Teaser of Terror is a first taste of Vintage Gothic: A 3rd-party genre expansion of the Old-School Essentials game. In this sample you will find a short collection of classes and tools to start you on your journey into madness and horror.


  • Aberrator – Capture the souls of dark creatures to make them fight for you – or forge their spirits into powerful equipment.

  • Avenger – Hunt down your nemesis by any means necessary.

  • Occultist – Use your knowledge of the supernatural to aid your allies.

  • Tradesman – The everyman. Mix and match occupations for various useful abilities.

Tools of Terror

Bring your game into the realm of the dark and eldritch with two sets of horror rules. Choose whichever suits your table and playstyle.

  • Trauma saves – Return to the classic mechanics of Gothic adventure. Inflict Fear, Horror, and Madness upon your players as they explore further the evil crevices of the world. 

  • Stress & Sanity – Every experience brings a character closer to their mental breaking point in an incremental point system. Watch their slow descent into madness as they fight their own minds as much as any monster.

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