100 Encounters for Fantasy Mountains (3Deep)

Mountains can be dangerous places in and of themselves, being home to such as mud- and rockslides, avalanches, high winds, freezing conditions and potential falls. This supplement has 100 different encounters that can be used to add extra detail to a mountain journey or as a source of adventure hooks. Some are potentially useful, some are potentially hazardous and some are simply odd.

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Here are some sample results:

  • On the rocks a hundred feet below a ledge is a skeleton of a human. Many breaks to the bones suggest (a Medical (Logic) roll with +1) that the individual fell from the ledge.
  • Openings in the side of the mountain are caves. Closer examination (an Awareness (Logic) roll with -2) reveals barely-visible holes carved into the cliff, allowing access to the caves. Once reached, the caves were clearly inhabited long ago. They have mudstone walls that still partially block the openings and inside are marks of fires and shards of broken pottery, with primitive paintings on the walls.
  • Overhead, a distant shape flies away from the mountain’s top. The shape disappears before it can clearly be seen, but it appears draconic in form (an Outdoor (Logic) roll with -3).
  • Part of a mountain valley is filled with a lake, from which a small stream flows. The lake is behind a berm of soil and rocks and, if the berm is carefully examined (a Science/Analytic (Logic) roll), it can be determined to be an artificial construction that was built to dam the stream.
  • Perched on a large nest is what is clearly a nest, but for something huge. The nest is currently empty except for a few shards of eggshell.

One page is the front cover, one page the front matter, half a page is ads and one the Open Game License.

The supplement is also available in the following versions: Lore 100, Pathfinder and system neutral. You do not need all versions.

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