100 Items in a Wild West Desperado’s Pocket

Desperadoes are bold and violent criminals who were outlaws on the Western frontier of the 19th Century. They could be found holding up stagecoaches, robbing banks, overwhelming local law enforcement in a small town, or just performing simple banditry on the vast trails that cross the continent. And while they might be charming, clever and even handsome, they are often desperate as the forces they have set in motion close in on them.

This list is intended for any Wild West setting (like Tall Tales, Deadlands, Boot Hill, etc.) where the vehicle of choice is the horse, the Colt revolver is King, and there is far more land than there are people. This list can be used with a cooling corpse, an arrested boy who thinks he’s a man, or when a pick pocket decides to test their luck. This roleplaying tool gives you dozens of different ways to add a new dimension to your next outlaw.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result.: A brief description of the object(s) that can found in pockets of this wild west warrior.

Example 101 : Snake Oil – Dr. Bonker’s Celebrated Egyptian Oil (currently this bottle is half empty)

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