Van Richten’s guide to unusual allies

Van Richten’s guide to unusual allies

Ravenloft is a dangerous place where friends are few and far between. It can be the end (and the beginning) of many of an adventure and the perfect place for your PC to hail from.

Written from the point of view of one of Ravenloft’s most famous residents, Van Richten, the following supplement there are 13 Ravenloft themed subclasses for you to enjoy and add into your campaign. All of these subclasses are compatible with Tasha’s and should fit into any setting but are designed with Ravenloft in mind.

These include the following

Artificer: The Unseen

Barbarian: Path of Spirit

Bard: College of Foresight

Cleric: Created Domain

Druid: Circle of Storms

Fighter: The Cursed

Monk: Way of the Silver Tongue

Paladin: Oath of the Monster Hunter

Ranger: The Beast within

Rogue: The Tomb Diver

Sorcerer: Draining Bloodline

Warlock: The Vizier Wizard: The Hag trained

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