A Monument of Exile

When your village elite, the Bearers of Alms, do not return from their yearly pilgrimage to the temple you jump at the chance to embark on an outing to search for them. Few people find an opportunity to venture from your mountain village, so this chance at adventure could be the only one you ever get.

A Monument of Exile is a character primer for Back to Basics. Designed as an adventure for 1 to 4 players, this phone PDF uses a stripped-down rule set for character creation and adventuring. When you escape from Exile, upgrade your starter characters into full-fledged heroes with skills, feats and spells from Back to Basics, plus some bonus items that you found in Exile, so you can embark on five levels of player-guided adventuring in the Path of Legends Adventure Tome 1 – Back to Basics. As an added bonus, the mini game Dundrazee, is also found in this phone PDF to keep you busy rolling dice during any gaming downtime.

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