Coming up in May/June

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Maps for the coming weeks.

  • Medusa’s Lair – part of the Monster Lairs series – This is 90% drawn but I’m not quite happy with one part and might rework it slightly.   Will be a B&W dungeon map for all patrons.
  • Lizardfolk camp – part of the Monster Lairs series – I drew this but am not happy with one aspect and will be redrawing that part and then posting.   This will be a B&W outdoor map for all patrons.   I might possibly add a coloured version if I can find the time.
  • Procreate map drawing tutorial – this will be a series of articles on how to draw and colour maps in this style, using Procreate.    This will be free for all on my website but will have Patreon early access and possibly some Patron only brushes or access to the original file.
  • Hillside Keep – this is a battlemap featuring the entrance to a circular keep, built into a hillside.   The is drawn and the colouring is in progress.   This will be available to all Patrons.
  • A combined Woruld/Evalon map – This is taking a while as the file sizes are so freaking massive.   I am putting the finishing touches on getting the two maps to look consistent on one page.   This will be for Eye Monster ($5) Patrons.
  • Village map – name is tbc, this is set on a river in a valley and features a huge shrine to a water god.  Is in the very early stages of colouring.   I got to the edge of the page a bit early on this, (is pen & paper) so I might expand onto a second sheet which will make it take longer.
  • A continent map – again in the style of the Woruld/Evalon maps (see links above).   Currently at the colouring stage.  This might take a while, as I am working on another to go with the tutorial in point 3 above.

We’ll also have the next Monster Lair poll soon (just after I release the Medusa’s Lair and Lizardfolk camp) so I’ll take a few more of those suggestions.   An urban Lich Lair is on the list and I hope to start work on that soon.

In July I am hoping to take a month long holiday to Spain in my campervan, I will take a small sketchbook but probably won’t get much drawing done, so expect a payment holiday for July.

I want to start drawing a few more villages and towns, things that will be useful as plug & play maps for any campaign.   If you have a sketch of a town, or an idea for something interesting, let me know and I might just draw it.

Finally, I am going to open my doors for commissions, so if you want anything, let me know as Patrons will have priority.


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