Legendary Locations – The Last Bridge Inn

Legendary Locations is a series of short accessories from Kabouter Games you can immediately insert into your roleplaying campaign. Designed to be system-neutral, each Legendary Location is self-contained, detailed, and ready to use, irrespective of what RPG system you actually play. Though they’re self-contained, you can use Legendary Locations together to create a larger adventuring area; you can even string them together to make your own game world!

Full of vibrant NPCs and story hooks, Legendary Locations are just what you need in your GM’s toolkit.

Along the Old King’s Highway is a bridge. It’s only a few miles before the road fades into an overgrown
cart track the ends at the West Gate of Gun Lodir, under Mount Burimm Begh. Though the Highway has run to ruin, enough folk still travel that way—mostly dwarven traders out of Gun Lodir—that the bridge over White Run is kept ingood repair.

Next to the Last Bridge is an inn. Thick stone walls enclose a large courtyard in which is set a fine house with real glass in the tall windows and a set of double doors that usually stand open. Smoke always rises from the chimney, carrying the smell of roasting venison across the Highway when the wind is right…

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