The Magus Hack: The Sorcerers Companion

The power is yours now. 

But there’s always more power out there ….

Will the Magic master you – or will you master the Magic?

This is the first expansion for The Magus Hack, a new take on the ’90s games that let you roleplay the wizard in a modern setting! In The Sorcerers Companion you will find:

  • Errata bringing the first version of The Magus Hack up to date
  • Scores of new Virtues to customise your Magus
  • Nine Archetypal paths to inspire you
  • Analyses of how to perform dozens of magical effects using The Magus Hack’s rules
  • A Simplified Magic System for more story-driven games
  • Rules for Personal Dimensions, Familiars, Daemons, Dragons and Wizard Sport
  • A Story Generator system and a half dozen scenario seeds derived from it

This product is priced at $1.99


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