Gadgets & Refits for Starfinder

It’s a big Universe out there—but small creatures like us are ready to take it on. With this supplement, you and your ship will be equipped to handle any- thing that comes your way. Whether you’re piloting a conventional cruiser, an insectile interceptor, a fleet of floral frigates, or a lighting-wreathed wizard tower that streaks across the void, this book has the kit to customize your vessel. Refits of every price and purpose await, complete with plug-and-play rules.

But your ship isn’t getting all the glory. Your crew will find gadgets for every occasion: from the everyday essentials to the most exotic toys. With this loadout of accessories and augmentations, you’ll be equipped inside and out.

Of course, you’ll need someone to buy and sell these gizmos, so this book also includes a handful of fully-realize NPCs, each with a different speciality. Combined with story seeds to get you going, you’ll have everything you need to supercharge your campaign!

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