The air is filled with the thrum of magic, the clash of swords, and the blast of cannons. House politics are whispered in back rooms of pubs or shouted within the halls of city Colleges. The skies above Ironlocke are seen with enormous blimps and airships. Captains of these aircraft are seasoned war veterans whose forefathers fought barbarian armies on the Baelmut Flatlands’ golden plains. Men and women from all Houses crew airships, naval vessels, and trains. Citizens and cargo shuffle between major cities by rail.

Operators employ a combination of science and sorcery in order to allow their steam engines to function. Laborers toil in the coal, silver, and gold mines throughout the land. The beaches near the town of Wilkes spill and flow over snow colored rocks. Setburn and Poinburgh’s forests are alive with bird song and insect humming. Ponds dot the landscape, and they are vast – teeming with aquatic life. The colossal waters of Orewin and Statmire lap at the shores of the towns and villages that line them. Ships sail across them transporting goods to all parts of the realm. Submerged under their seas, it is said that gigantic predators surface to capsize ships.

Ironlocke is a steampunk world mixture set in a world that knows both technology and magic. Ironlocke is meant to be played both action heavy and story driven. A group might be tasked with guarding an Airship’s cargo as it crosses over Orewin Lake and they confront maurauding sky pirates. They could receive a small sum to dispatch mercenaries guarding a bridge, or track down and eliminate a cult of rogue Sun Destroyers. Feral Werewolves may have overrun a town, and the characters could be tasked with pest control.

Characters could work their way up the political ladder of a city’s government, buying and selling information and hiring assassinations. The stories, creatures, and adventures are only limited to your imagination. Whether it is a combat-packed “dungeon crawl” or a socially-driven political campaign, Ironlocke will fit whatever playstyle you wish.

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