Spinning Encounters, Prison Pillars of Iv, Part 4

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Regardless of whether you call them demons or devils, the beings caught in the prison at Sneznik are pure evil. They find entertainment in the suffering of innocents and many likely perished bringing them to heel. Unfortunately, the small coven who was influenced to read the spells that broke out the demon Arros were killed immediately so that he could begin to break his master, Lord Vorzamod free to start a reign of terror. Though it may not be the universe in which they started, they look towards Earth and points beyond as a great place to begin again!

Arros goals are simple: release Vorzamod and flee the prison before it moves again. If the PCs don’t manage to stop them, they will be free to terrorize the world.

The Demon Arros

Arros fought those who freed him and claimed their strange clothing as his own as easily as he claimed their souls. Each soul he takes enables him to create a clone of himself. Each clone is as cruel and vicious as the original, cut from the same demonic cloth he was. In fact, each is confident they are the First, even though none of them truly are. Arros has had so many clones over the millennia.

This horned demon is fluent in all forms of communication and always willing to make a deal. He trades misery for misery, willing to sacrifice his own clones to get whatever he desires. Each soul he claims frees a foolish mortal from the prison of their existence and he can tithe a portion to his own patron to continue leading them astray.

He is blessed with the ability to see a mortal’s most cruel desire and has a knack for making it possible.

  • Arros (High-level): Attribute 12, Presence 14, Legged (30 ft); Traits: Bull Rush, Clone, Craft Souls, Forbidden Gaze, Gore, Grab, Hand-to-Hand, Souldrain; Spell Pool: 28
  • Bull Rush (Toughness): Straight-line speed directed to slam a target. Every 30ft of movement in a turn causes 1d6 damage, i.e. 20m = 2d6, 40m = 4d6.
  • Clone: Creature cloning itself must use at least its own Attribute value in spell points. Takes a turn per point of Attribute. I.e. Arros takes 12 turns and 12 points to clone.
  • Craft Souls (Presence) grants the caster the ability to craft spells using the life energy drained from others.
  • Forbidden Gaze – A gaze attack that lets the attacker see what the target desires the most yet knows that it is forbidden. Target gets Save vs. Presence at Disadvantage to save.
  • Horns (Athletics): Adds an additional +1d6 damage during Bull Rush.
  • Souldrain (requires Grab) – The attacker must grasp the target firmly and begin to pull its very life essence from its body. Each turn draws 1d3 Presence from the target until Presence reaches 0. Each point of Presence is pulled into the attacker’s spell pool

Arros’ known spells (known to all clones):

  • Craft Soul Armor – Creates near-physical armor that protects the caster from physical and spiritual attacks. Each point used generates one point of AR (AR1) and 1d6 of AP against magickal effects. So, a 3-point casting creates AR3/AP 3d6 armor that protects against 3 points of physical damage and 3 points + 3d6 AP against magickal damage.
  • Craft Soul Weapon – Creates a physical weapon that can be used against any creature that does 1d6 per point used (maximum 2 points for 2d6 weapon). It is broken if hit in melee combat with a Natural 1 by the opponent.
  • Soul Blast – Creates a bolt of pure life energy to cause damage to opponents. 1d6 damage per point used. Only effective within 100 feet of the caster.

The small group of witches provided 50 points of souls. He has three clones and each has a full spell pool to create more (scale up if the party encountering Arros needs a bigger challenge).

At least two of Arros’ clones will be working to release Vorzamod from his prison pillar. If Vorzamod is released, he will begin to laugh, causing everyone within earshot to do a Save vs. Morale or run away. He will watch the battle, but not participate unless attacked or Arros is down to a single clone. He will then clap his hands and disappear in a gout of flame along with Arros.

And That’s It!

That’s the whole story from map to ideas to encounters complete with creatures. 

Should we do it again? I would challenge you to go back to Dyson Logos’ commercial maps and pick one (https://dysonlogos.blog/maps/commercial-maps/) or find another map and I’ll see what if I can do it justice!!

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