The Town of Mystdal

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Mystdal castle, which the town is named after lies to the north east and is surrounded by a moat. The rest of the town is surrounded by a 3 meter high palissade. After Sovar took the town lord Ælfred of Sabras, recently promoted by his new overlord, had a moat dug around the entire settlement. 

Mystdal has been under Sovar control for the better part of a decade, but people still feel uncomfortable under their new ruler. Before being promoted by the Archduke of Sovar, Ælfred used to be the baron of Mystdal, a vassal of the Bishop of Fern. He was always a harsh ruler and most unpopular among his people, but the bishop was able to keep him in check. Since allying himself with the Archduchy of Sovar his oppressive rule has only gotten worse. The people long for a new government.

But they should be careful what they wish for. Bishop Martus is coming to Mystdal with a mercenary force, looking to take the town back.

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