The Vile Fight

“Salutations snivelling worms!

Welcome to my deliciously eevil random adventures!

I’m sure you have already heard great tales of my endlessly wicked deeds! But just in case you know not before whom you stand …

I … am … The Dread Wizaard!

Or Terry for short.

And I bring you exquisite quests through the realms of my eternal villainy!

 Whatever the experience level of the adventurers you are currently tormenting with your divinely eevil ways, this adventure series will give you the perfect side quests to exercise your diabolical will!

Over time, as further delectable morsels of my eevil are released upon the world, you may combine these wickedly tasty adventures into one continued randomised campaign.

I hope my scribe, the idiot who calls himself “Walker”, will eventually manage to pay attention long enough for a full twenty of these journeys into the far flung corners of this wonderfully warped world we share!

 So dally not, you useless maggots!”

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