The Village of Esherford and The Forgotten Temple of the Dark God

The quiet and remote village of Esherford was a happy, quiet place where nothing really happened to anyone. Sure there was the spooky ancient temple out in the forest but nothing really happend there and overall the area was a peacful and quiet as it was remote. This all changed once Traskar Gurbo and his band of goblinoid brigands showed up. they moved their base of operation into the forgotten temple and began to torment the village itself. The villagers now live miserably under the rule of the cruel Hobgoblin, their only hope is that a band of adventures will chance their way by and save them, are you those adventurers?

Included in the supplement

The Village of Esherford, 5 places of interest, five interesting NPCs, and two adventure hooks

The Forgotten Temple of the Dark God, a complete adventure suitable for a party of 3rd level adventurers.

The Village of Escherford and The Forgotten Temple of the Dark God can be used together or seperate and are appropriate for use in your Forgotten Realms and setting neurtral game.

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