7 Turns To Die (Print and Play)


7 Turns To Die

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse! You are one of the last survivors and try to defend your home against the attacking zombies. However, it will not be easy, you have to hold out until help will arrive in 7 rounds.
7 Turns To Die is a fun variant of Escalero or other dice poker games, in which you have to defend your house against the attacking horde of zombies. Use your result to roll the dice and put up walls or other defenses to stop the creatures. Play alone, competitively or together against the undead.
Good luck, you will need it!


Each player needs a pencil, an eraser and the prefabricated “base sheet”. You also need five standard 6-sided dice.

Each player puts his “base sheet” in front of him – then decide who starts.

How To Play

A game consists of 3 rounds in which you expand your base and thus keep the attacking zombie hordes off. In a round, each player has 7 turns to expand his base and thus protect it from the waves of zombies. You can roll the dice up to 3 times per turn. If you are already satisfied with the result after your first throw, you can end your turn early. After 7 turns have been completed, a wave of zombies appears. 

Print and Play