The Immortal Class

You look into a pool of shimming green-yellow viscous liquid, something small is writhing within it. You look closer still to closer still to try and examine what the creature its. Your knuckles are white from grasping the stone edge of the pool. Suddenly, a strange impulse in the back of your mind tells you to lean in even farther. This is all what you remember after waking on the floor besides the pool. Unbeknownst to you, you have begun an involuntary journey towards immorality. The alien power of the elder brain is now at your disposal. Through great accomplishment and deed, you attempt to garner the following of other mortals around you. Soon cleric begin to preach your name and paladins take their oaths to you. The gods have no choice but to take notice. Your power increases with the number of your faithful and praying followers. Like all other natural things that walk the earth you know that your life is finite, your body is destined to fail. But does it? Piece by piece, part by part you begin to magically replace yourself with more, durable and resilient components.

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