Verses Magicae

Are you tired of always saying ‘I utter some mystical words’ while describing your character’s spellcasting? You can now bring your descriptions to life with 450+ magical rhymes found within the pages of VERSES MAGICAE! Every single official spell for 5e D&D requiring a verbal component now has its very own magical incantation, with variations according to every different spell effect there is!

Moreover, discover ways and magical items to incorporate spellcasting that requires a verbal component for non-speaking characters. Dressed with the beautiful black&white illustrations of Em. Tragakis, these words of power can be used to bring magic into your VTT or live games of the greatest game in the world!

This book is filled with a multitude magical rhyming incantations to bring your roleplaying to another level. When you cast a spell, instead of just saying the name of the spell and ‘’I utter some mystical words’’, those mystical words are now yours to command! Your spells’ incantations made audible, now your words can carry the power to truly bring your spellcasting descriptions to life. You may also use them for secret communication of your spellcasting with your teammates or your DM, or use them for the beautifully sculpted lyrics placed into the magical context of 5E D&D official spells, or just use them because it’s pure fun!

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