Codex Vampirica (5e): More Vampires, Lairs, and Dreadful Items


As the thief moved through the dimly lit castle halls, they were saddled with the knowledge that something was terribly wrong here. They hadn’t found an ordinary noble’s manor: there were no windows or courtyards, and a horrible coldness suffused the air, as if the stones were leeching the heat from her soles. Where the thief expected to find mirrors, there were none: in their place, there were paintings of the lady of the house dating back nearly two thousand years, with no sign of age or decay on her features.

Perhaps worst of all, the thief couldn’t remember how she chose this manor in particular to steal from—she could only remember the lady’s charming face, the enticing sharpness of her smile, and the shape of the sun melting into the horizon. Far too late, she realized that she would never see its golden light again.

Codex Vampirica is a fully illustrated 30-page guide to vampires and vampiric creatures, including:

  • 14 new vampire stat blocks, from the beastly Bathemoth to the ethereal Vampire Mistlord
  • 5 horror-themed lairs fit for any gothic legendary creature, from classics like the Haunted Castle and Cursed Tombs to unusual and unexpected entries like the Mystic Caravan
  • 16 original vampire-themed magic items, both for undead characters and hunters of the dreadful night