In Flames! one page module + solo play

In Flames is a mini background, a one-page sandbox module.

For a few weeks now, a gigantic wall of flames has been burning near the small town of Sirklet. The road is completely cut in two by the fire, prohibiting any access to the Kingdom. The town is completely isolated… except by travelling through the haunted lands of the Scarred Belt or through the dangerous hills of the Claw-Blade Ogres!

A second page, offers all the means to play a solo adventure in this background. I propose you to play as DURGAR FIREBEARD, a suicidal dwarf firefighter, sent on a special mission to put out the fire. You will find in one page, a lot of tables and advices to lead this solo adventure.

En Flammes! is designed to be played with The Wandering Knight SoloRpg but can be used with any fantasy rpg.

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