This Summer on Bloodfileds!

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Today, you can click ‘Notify me on launch‘ on our Kickstarter Preview to grab an Early Bird Pledge right when it goes live!

What you can expect:

  • New Armies joining the battle!
  • Remake and rebalancing of current Armies and Realms.
  • Rules streamlined – changes, fixes, clarifications.
  • New terrain and changes to terrain rules.
  • Introduction to Competitive Scene.
  • Guest warriors from other Patreons.
  • Physical Boxed Collector Sets!

It is the time of eternal sorrow in the multiverse, with the gods bringing the most dreadful warriors to do their bidding. It is up to you to stop the spread of sorrow and save the world from eternal damnation or to join the dark legions and make a name for yourself in the new order of everything!

Bloodfields Dice in Store!

In preparation for the epic battles to come, you can get the official Bloodfields Dice Sets! Get them in a limited-time release offer for $19.90! Visit our store now!

Digital Content

Please give a warm welcome to Tori, our newest team member in charge of digital content. Check out her introduction in this post’s header and look out for more Titan Forge videos, including Bloodfields miniatures reviews!

Campaign Preparations

1. We are extending our Bloodfileds team. Our biggest change is the addition of community managers. You can now expect much better communication with us and a much efficient gathering of all your comments, suggestions, and feedback. We want to be able to answer all your questions and react faster to the issues you bring up!

2. We are putting new army additions on hold for a very short while. This is very much needed for the Bloodfileds big picture and we are not taking a break! We have to make a cut-off of the current unit list in order to finish properly balancing the units we already have around each other and around the realms. All this in preparation for the big incoming changes!

Writers Wanted

We are looking for creative writers interested in making short stories set in the world of Bloodfileds. The legends of the greatest Bloodfileds warriors, the schemes of Gods who control them, or conworlding the basics of the multi-verse. If you are interested, leave us a DM and we will get you more info!

Ask us anything!

Please leave a comment with any questions you might have about the Bloodfields or the incoming campaign! We will let you know right away!

We hope you are excited, we can’t wait to take the Bloodfileds to next level this Summer!
Happy Printing!
TF Team


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