Undermountain – Standalone Part 2: The Fallen Arcanum

The undermountain megadungeon, as presented in Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, is a colossal place and a huge adventure. But for some, it might be too large.

Standalone seeks to re-frame each floor as a single adventure, with its own hooks and resolutions.

Minimal information is reproduced within these chapters, and the original book will be required to run these adventures, but the aim is to provide an alternate way to play them to further your enjoyment of this book and provide a less-daunting way to play through this content.

This chapter covers level 2: Arcane Chambers, and more chapters will be forthcoming.

Within, the “Arcane Chambers” have become the “Fallen Arcanum,” an abandoned place of learning built upon even older, subterranean, ruins that are often used by criminals as a hideout or by rogue wizards for their fiendish experiments. The nearby townsfolk are fearful of this cursed place, and need help removing the many dangers within.

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